Publications about DNDC-Europe

5 Publications

Britz, Wolfgang and Leip, Adrian (2009) Development of marginal emission factors for N losses from agricultural soils with the DNDC–CAPRI meta-model. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 133 (2009) 267–279 Learn More
Follador, Marco; Leip, Adrian and Orlandini, Lorenzo (2011) Assessing the impact of Cross Compliance measures on nitrogen fluxes from European farmlands with DNDC-EUROPE. Environmental Pollution 159 (2011) 3233e3242 Learn More
Leip A., Busto M., Corazza M., Bergamaschi P., Koeble R., Dechow R., Monni S., de Vries W. (2011) Estimation of N2O fluxes at the regional scale: Data, models, challenges. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2011, Pages 328-338 Learn More
Leip A., Busto M., Winiwarter W. (2011) Developing spatially stratified N2O emission factors for Europe. Environmental Pollution 159 (2011) 3223-3232 Learn More
Villa-Vialaneix N., Follador M., Ratto M., Leip A. (2012) A comparison of eight metamodeling techniques for the simulation of N2O fluxes and N leaching from corn crops. Environmental Modelling & Software 34 (2012) 51e66 Learn More