GRAMP resources for research

The GRAMP library provides a place where you can find out about the latest research on biogeochemical modeling through peer-reviewed publications and other online resources, connect to other modeling and field data collection networks, and get data for model calibration. Click on the icons below to search for information.


Find and read peer-reviewed journal articles by GRAMP researchers.

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Online Resources

Our online resources section provides links to external websites that feature research and modeling networks, academic institutions, and provide general guidance.

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Field Data

We provide a space for researchers to share information about field-collected data.  Our field data section provides information about existing field data sets or data for direct download.

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DNDC 9.5

Use this link to download DNDC 9.5. To read more about the technical details of this model and to access other models in the DNDC family tree, visit the Models page.

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