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Global DNDC Network Purpose
The Global DNDC Network is an international network of researchers and model developers using the process-based Denitrification Decomposition model (DNDC). The purpose of the network is to: 

  1. Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the widely dispersed users of the DNDC model - different research groups will frequently encounter similar issues, so it makes sense to pool information to avoid duplication of effort

  2. Stimulate additional improvements to the model

  3. Enhance coordination of research activities and facilitate new collaborative research programmes in greenhouse gases measurements and modelling

  4. Promote the synthesis and integration at various scales

  5. Keep researchers informed of other international work that may relate to their own interests through formal workshops.

  6. Organise Global DNDC Network International Conference every 3-4 years.




CCAFS Website:

DNDC 9.5

Use this link to download DNDC 9.5. To read more about the technical details of this model and to access other models in the DNDC family tree, visit the Models page.

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