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Kröbel et al. (2011) found that DNDC (version 9.3) overpredicted the growth of above ground biomass and nitrogen during the first half of the growing season, when assessed using experimental data from Swift Current (Saskatchewan) and St-Blaise (Quebec).  Kröbel et al. (2011) therefore introduced a new Canadian Spring Wheat (CSW) submodel to DNDC (DNDC-CSW) which had a modified plant biomass curve, modified plant biomass fractioning curves and dynamic plant C/N ratios.  Wheat root growth was also accounted for in DNDC-CSW as simulated soil depth was increased from 50 to 90cm.  The new DNDC-CSW model was found to better simulate plant biomass, nitrogen content, soil carbon changes and inter-annual variations in crop growth for a variety of wheat rotations when tested at Canadian sites. The submodel was added as a stand alone section to the DNDC source code so that the model is flexible and the source code can be copied to create other crop-specific modules. 

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