Publications about Landscape-DNDC

9 Publications

Haas E., Klatt S., Frohlich A., Kraft P., Werner C., Kiese R., Grote R., Breuer L., Butterbach-Bahl K. (2012) LandscapeDNDC: a process model for simulation of biosphere-atmosphere-hydrosphere exchange processes at site and regional scale. Landscape Ecol, DOI 10.1007/s10980-012-9772-x Learn More
Rahn K.-H., Werner C., Kiese R., Haas E., Butterbach-Bahl K. (2012) Parameter-induced uncertainty quantification of soil N2O, NO and CO2 emission from Hoglwald spruce forest (Germany) using the LandscapeDNDC model. Biogeosciences, 9, 3983–3998, 2012 Learn More
Werner C., Haas E., Grote R., Gauder M., Graeff-Honninger S., Claupein W., Butterbach-Bahl K. (2012) Biomass production potential from Populus short rotation systems in Romania. GCB Bioenergy (2012) 4, 642–653 Learn More
Simulation of CO2 fluxes at European forest ecosystems with the coupled soil-vegetation process model "LandscapeDNDC" Learn More
A new LandscapeDNDC biogeochemical module to predict CH4 and N2O emissions from lowland rice and upland cropping systems Learn More
Estimation and mitigation of N2O emission and nitrate leaching from intensive crop cultivation in the Haean catchment, South Korea Learn More
Net ecosystem exchange over a non-cleared wind-throw-disturbed upland spruce forest - measurements and simulations Learn More
Simulation of N2O emissions and nitrate leaching from plastic mulch radish cultivation with LandscapeDNDC Learn More
Cameron DR, Van Oijen M, Werner C, Butterbach-Bahl K, Haas E, Heuvelink GBM, Grote R, Kiese R, Kuhnert M, Kros J, Leip A, Reinds GJ, Reuter HI, Schelhaas MJ, De Vries W, Yeluripati J (2013) Environmental change impacts on the C- and N-cycle of European forests: a model comparison study. Biogeosciences 10: 1751-1773 Learn More